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You NEED to buy a home in Austin Texas 2020

Posted: May 5, 2020

We're going to tell you guys why you need to buy a home, or an investment, or move here -- at least move here in 2020.

This city is now on the world arena, when it comes to all of these factors that play into what makes a city so attractive for everybody to move to.

I'm going to be comparing LA and New York to Austin, because they all have relatively the same things that bring all these people into the city. And now if you have the opportunity to invest in a city like New York or LA before the price has skyrocketed, wouldn't you want to do that?

So from my research, there's a total of seven things that makes a city attractive for all these people from around the globe to move to a city like LA or New York.

And these seven things are acting, politics, entrepreneurship in the startup culture for business, and colleges having a great education system for college students.

Now, obviously, there's plenty of actors who got their start in Austin, Texas, just to name a couple. We have Owen Wilson and Matthew McConaughey. Those are the two big ones that came from Austin.

And we have a huge acting center in downtown. Acting is huge out here.

There are people who got their start right here in this city.

Now politics...

This applies especially to Austin because we are the capital of Texas, as you may know, versus New York or LA there are large metropolitan areas but they aren't necessarily the capital.

They bring in a lot of money for the state.

This is a very liberal city. And now, whether they're liberal or conservative has nothing to do with it. But these places all have a large influence on the government.

I mean, most of Texas is conservative, but there's a large government presence here in the city. So that's another sector of jobs that New York and LA don't have as much of, but we have it. So that's something to think about.

And here's another great aspect -- Austin has a great environment to start a business and to start your company. Whatever you'd like to do, this is a great place to really grow that seed into a functioning business.

There are a lot of people moving here just to start companies. It's just a great startup culture, lots of support for other entrepreneurs in the area. That's why people move here for entrepreneurship.

It's a big playground for other entrepreneurs to move to and collaborate with each other. That's another important reason why people just keep moving here.

Now, this may or may not be factual, but from my observation, this makes a huge difference as well as having a huge body of water next to the city.

Okay, if we look in New York or LA, they have Pacific they have the Atlantic Ocean, and they're not drinking that water. But back in the 1800s, that would have been important to have water next to your city.

That's what made it sustainable. Because if you live to Phoenix in 1800s, I'm not sure what the situation was or history, but I'm sure it wasn't a growing city as much is in, you know, New York or LA, because it's obviously a lot more sustainable and easier to get water out there.

So it's sort of been more influential back in the day to have a large body of water. But if you think about it, it's still important today because people want to go out and do kayaking, they want to go out and jetski, and bring out their boat, the whole family with them.

This is something that brings a whole multitude of different businesses just because there's a lake here. We now have people who have boat rentals. We have people doing kayak rentals, it brings in so much more money just because we have a body of water.

Now, the last thing is diversity. I'm talking cultural diversity, and socioeconomically and now these things are really important. I'm not going to go into the micro and macro economics of having diverse socio-economics in your city.

You have the spectrum of people who are just barely getting by to the people who are ultra mega wealthy. And if we look at LA or New York, what do we see? We have bums at the bottom. And we also have the people who are super rich, those actors, those people who are high up in the government, we have business owners.

We have everybody in the spectrum. From top to bottom and bottom to top, I should say. And now LA is the same way. What do you see you have Skid Row, and then you also have Hollywood Hills and Bel Air.

It's the same with Austin.

We have Westlake hills, lake Travis... we have extravagant exclusive properties here. And that's the cool thing about this.

Check out our recent Austin real estate market trends for April 2020.

In America, it's important that we have socio-economic diversity so that there's a way for people to come up. And I don't know the whole importance of having socio-economics. I'm still learning those things.

We have the full spectrum of people and whether you're wanting to start a business or go out, chase your dreams, you have the opportunity to make that happen.

It's your choice because we live in America and we have the opportunity to work hard and go after what we want in life.

In a city where there isn't much socio-economic diversity, it makes it harder if everybody's in a one level playing field. It's going to be a lot harder to start a business and, there's not gonna be a lot of money flowing versus here.

This is this city is growing so rapidly, because of all these things that I just mentioned. It's a melting pot of people from all around the globe coming here from the for the festivals that are world renowned festivals. We have people coming here for the outdoors and the weather.

We have everything that a large city like New York or LA would have, yet is not nearly the size of those cities. And now you can see the importance of why you'd want to invest here why you would want to buy a house here and move here, if you're really considering it.

This city is going to grow and grow and grow because it has all these factors that made LA big and made New York big.

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Hi! My name is Delores and I'm passionate about real estate in Austin, TX, my home town! Come ask me anything about buying or selling your house.
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